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Got You Covered! We love happy brides. So grateful to see this in the inbox this morning! "So great! Played perfect music for our crowd and kept everyone entertained. We LOVED the initial game to get everyone on the dance floor! The flow was great and followed right along with the schedule of our wedding planner. Everything was seamless! We weren't sure how our crowd was going to be but there was a great mix of old and new songs that got everyone dancing! Lighting was both in our dinner area and the ballroom (for dancing). Absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Eric, for being a part of our day. It was absolutely magical and we loved every second!!
Got You Covered! Music Motivates- Set your goal, work hard and add this song to your playlist!
Britney Spears - Work B**ch From the album "Britney Jean". Download now on iTunes: Black Dog Films/Little Minx Director: Ben Mor Executive Produce...
Got You Covered! Excited to help these amazing couples celebrate weddings today! Tamika & Joe, Jennifer & Jake, Tanya & Dan, Terri & Joey and Eileen & Erik. Rain or shine your guests will have a great time with our award winning DJ's!
Got You Covered! Come out to Uptown Alley tonight and enjoy your favorite hits from a fun band SuperHero Band Az.